Sustainable Energy


Renewables, EV Charging and Battery Storage! Our team of planners, engineers and partners can case study your assets to design bespoke and unique renewable income streams whilst reducing your carbon footprint.


'R' Energy team consists of planners, architects, engineers and partners which we work closely with to offer our clients bespoke renewable solutions. This creates a fantastic income stream for our client, future proofs their assets and reduces their carbon footprint!

From Solar Parks to Wind Turbines in the Scottish Highlands all the way down to Electric Vehicle charging points and storage batteries for businesses and homeowners, landlords, housing associations and local authorities we have all angles covered.

Along with 'R' Energy Team we work closely with other businesses and partners to build bespoke packages for clients showing ROI's, carbon footprint reductions and scheme designs to ensure 'R' clients know the vital information before starting their renewable energy journey!

We also offer fully funded renewables with our PPA options which means we put the renewables in place, you get the benefit of cheaper electric for the term of the PPA and we monitor and manage the system.

Ronnan Corporation Energy has a portfolio of renewable assets in the UK and is a market leader in acquiring energy assets. If you are the owner of any renewable asset 10kw or above we will purchase your site either on a PPA to free up your equity or a full purchase.

For more information please get in touch and one of 'R' Energy Team!

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