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Ronnan Corporation Ltd is based in Whalley, Lancashire. A beautiful village in the Ribble Valley.

Ronnan Corporation has 5 areas of business.. Construction, Property, Land, Energy and ECO. We have a fantastic team which consists of qualified and accredited personnel to ensure any project which comes to us is dealt with professionalism and to the highest standard. 

'R' Construction team includes RIBA Architects, RICS Building Surveyors and Managers and Qualified Tradesmen. 

'R' Property team is always on the look out to add to its portfolio of property! Commercial and Residential, we own various sites which are let out to tenants. Our property team is always on hand to help assist our tenants by managing our portfolio and also our clients portfolios. 

'R' Land team manages our own development sites assisting the construction and property teams for planning advice. We also purchase land for our renewable sites. Growing with pace, we can offer new leases of life for agriculture land, purchase your land for development or manage your land to ensure your ROI reaches its full potential

'R' Energy team ensures all of our sites have Renewables! Forward planning with other departments to ensure any construction project, property purchase or land purchase is planned with carbon reduction and fit for purpose to allow renewables. We also engage with clients on PPA's and offer bespoke systems with unique products to help other businesses, local authorities and housing associations reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their bills. 

'R' ECO team offers ECO funding to PAS2030 Trustmark registered businesses working on the ECO4 scheme! Offering unrivaled rates and fast payment terms 'R'ECO is recognised as one of the best managing agents for ECO funding in the industry and the UK and has great relationships with the leading utility companies in the UK.

It is 'R' vision to create quality spaces to live or work, ensure 'R' land is worked to benefit new technologies and 'R' aim is to reduce carbon emissions. 

Sustainable Energy
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