Green Landscape


Acquiring land for Development, Agriculture and Renewable Energy Sites.


'R' Land team specialise in purchasing land to either develop, rent for agriculture or to add further renewable energy assets to 'R' Energy portfolio. 

We also enter into long term leaseholds of agricultural land for renewable energy. These schemes benefit the land owner particularly if the land is for grazing as once our renewables have been installed livestock can continue to graze. Giving the land owners extra income for rent without loosing vital land for their animals. 

'R' team also acquire development sites and we are currently seeking land with approved planning permission for residential in Lancashire. We will buy your land!

We also buy land to lease for sustainable farming. We love to see how 'R' land can be managed and offer long term leases.

If you have land for sale or lease or would like more information on 'R' current sites available for lease. Please contact 'R' Land team today to find out more!

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